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Always keeping my smile up as often as possible! Dream work is to draw daily and help people, I'm not good but I'm better than yesterday so keep with me. Make contact if you like, I'm up to anything! ~Love what you do my friends!

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New Start

Posted by Enjoyyourlife8 - October 13th, 2016

Hiii everyone! <3

Totally new start here, really exiting time to join. I have knew about this page over 10 years at least and I have been here time to time under all this years just to watch some favorite clip of madness and so on.

But now when I have started for 3 months ago with drawing for more real time, so instead just to have my own blog there I posting my art. So I want to share it on a bigger community like here when I have found so many beautiful art style.

The only different is that I will probably post here ONLY my favorit drawing I making from now on, and the lower clas of picture I keeping to my blogpage.

I really looking forward to start to spend more time here.

Hope you have a beauty day <3

Comments (2)

Hey there Enjoyyourlife8! Glad to hear you finally decided to sign up, and looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!

A great day to you too!

Thank you my friend for such a welcome, and thank you for your comment on my first drawing I uploaded here! Couldn't be better start to join!
Thank you thank you and I'm totally exited to be here finally with you all, will be nice!
And just to join up and be in a bigger community of artists all around and even show my kind
of style and progress, can't feel better and more right decided to join up!

Happy to hear you're so happy about it! :D Great way to start a day with responses like this. Will definitely check out that draw blog a bit too.

Hahaha yeah maybe I'm little over excited, but I enjoying it! :D Indeed!
You don't need but to understand what I'm talking about why I'm about over it just to compare with the other drawing yeah