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Just has to write .... sooo beautiful made! Really loved the art work, animation ... everything!

I was first like .. okay ... then the longer it played .. I got lost and it got ALL my focus!
Really fascinated art style and creepy well made, good job!

Such a short clip but such a enjoyable and nice simple clip!

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Wonderful wonderful piece, really like the view of the piece! Keep up the great work!!

Want to comment a silly silly comment that's bothering my silly head, nothing serious for real! :D
But I tried to see in the story in this text/painting. Do Archer train Arlo to play chess or do they play a match? If they are playing, where the heck is the second king on the board? xD
Even if Arlo lost and maybe taking away his king, where is Archer's king?
Just a silly comment like you see, but I felt I needed to mention it for some stupid reason, haha xD

fxscreamer responds:

Thank you! OMG I can't believe I missed that! Good eye! Looks like I screwed that up. Well, let's hope not too many people notice XD.

This is the best transform with a character I have seen so far from 1 to 99 lvl, just Love it!
Nice lines, clean and awesome style to so totally a 5 star from me!
Keep up the awesome work!

Djoresh responds:

Thank you very much! I am glad you like it so much.
I think there are other good illustrations and I bet much better will pop up soon, it will be a tough competition :)

Really loved the idea, nice work budy and good luck!

Always keeping my smile up as often as possible! Dream work is to draw daily and help people, I'm not good but I'm better than yesterday so keep with me. Make contact if you like, I'm up to anything! ~Love what you do my friends!

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